Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The last 31 detainees of 6 April protesters ordered released

After almost two hours of somewhat conflicting messages, it now seems that they are administrating the relase of all 31 detainees.

About an hour ago, the prosecutor ordered the release of the remaining 31 detainees in Cairo.

The names of those released now, would be the same as on this list.

During the last 24 hours 106 protesters in Cairo were detained, and then releassed.

What i think should be required reading for anyone interested is the testimonies that was given yesterday at the Hisham Mubarak Law Center. What strikes me more than anything else, was how easily the security forces used violence against women protesting. This is of course not a new feature, but the casualness/routine of it might be. What is definitely a new occurence is the female officers used, if they were as easily commited to the use of force/violence as their male colleagues, then the stakes for female protestors might be higher in the future.

I will try to post later, until now it has been a case of trying to follow events, and i have a bit of catching up to do before i will be able to process my thoughts into something readable. For now , one is just happy for those who are now free to go home to their loved ones. I also would like to extend my greetings on such a great job to the unsung heroes that worked so hard to make their release possible, the lawyers and all the people and human rights organisations involved in the Front to Defend Egypt Protestors.



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