Saturday, July 05, 2008

Book gift to myself

Reminder: I have to treat myself to this recently published book by Karima al Hefnawy, Youwmiyyat al Saidalaniyya (Pharmacy Days). That could have been me writing the book, if fate would have played out differently. My first year in high school, i was quite certain that i wanted to be a pharmacist, nothing revolutianry about that, considering that my grandfather opened the first pharmacy in this little town in Middle Egypt, and two of my uncles followed that path. So i´m practically born into it, and unlike Mrs Karima i didn´t want to do it to prove my socialist values, no this was something that i really wanted to do because i found it interesting...

I still ponder upon why i thought it was such a brilliant idea back then... Thank God it didn´t turn out that way, otherwise you would probably read a blogger called the Viagra seller right now, and i really like the concept of Fustat better.

Go read Ursula Lindsay´s account on the book signing of the book i just must read! Also make sure to read her review on Metro in the National a paper i hapenened to write a piece about when it was brand new.

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Blogger The Lonesome Traveler said...

come to think of it, if you had chosen that path, you could've been working with my present company right now..and would be a buduholic just like the rests of us Kelantanese.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Ibn ad Dunya said...

I was more inclined towards Buddy Holly, than to buduholicism at that point in time, but as i grow older, i tend to appreciate the more refined things in life, and Budu will most likely be one of them.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous viagra said...

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7:20 AM  

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