Friday, June 20, 2008

World refugee day

Today is the World Refugee Day. Please give the 37.4 million refugees around the world a thought today. 11.4 million of them have fled their countries and 26 million are internally displaced. The increase of refugees during 2007 alone, was 2.5 million. Coumbia tops the list of internally displaced refugees with 3 million IDP┬┤s Iraq has 2.4, million and Somalia 0.6 million and Sudan 0.5 million.

Iraq alone has about 5 million refugees, about half of them living abroad. Afghanistan has 3.1 million refugees, most of them living in Pakistan that is the largest refugee country with 2 million refugeees, followed by Syria with 1.5 million refugees, Iran 0.96 million, Germany 0.58 million and Jordan 0.5 million.

As you can see most refugees live as internally displaced or in neighbouring countries.

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