Friday, June 06, 2008

Ahdaf Soueif interview

Sarah Carr has an interview with my favourite authour, Ahdaf Soueif in yesterday´s Daily News Egypt. I can see myself in the shoes of the wife getting her divorce, after reading In the Eyes of the Sun, not that i got a divorce after that, but i was totally absorbed by it, and read from back to back, it´s still the ultimate reading experience for me.

“An Egyptian theater troupe once came over to England and I attended their performance.

“Afterwards, one of the troupe approached me and said, ‘I owe you for something.' So I asked him, ‘What?’
“He said, ‘My wife got a copy of ‘In the Eye of the Sun’ and put everything on hold when she started reading it. She sat and read it and read it and read it until she finished it. Then she asked me for a divorce.’”

For all whom enjoy Soueif´s literrary work there are good news, she´s currently working on a new novel, set in pharaonic times, during the Middle Kingdom 4000 years ago.

Those of you who are still not familiar with Ahdaf Souief, or just can´t wait(like me ) for the new novel to come out, can read the Map of Love, that is still selling really good, and is a fantastic story set in the timespan between post Orabi-revolution, and British occupation in the 1890´s to the Dinshaway trial in 1906 intertwined with Egypt in the early 1990`s an epic love story.Aisha or Sandpiper(the two latter is available as one book in a 2007 edition called I think of You.
If you´re interested in her journalistic work, her book Mezzaterra would be a good starting point.

On the current state of Egypt, she says:

“There is a cultural revolution at the moment: there is a lot happening: outlets, El-Sakkia, downtown. But whereas the 1960s was an expression of a spirit of optimism, I think today it’s more about resistance.”

I wrote about Ahdaf Souweif before, it can be found here.

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Blogger Ma3t said...

I remember when I read " In the eye of the sun"
It was my first week in a strange city, where I was supposed to spend my first year of university life.
I remember not being able to leave the book. I stayed for 4 days reading it and every now and then call my mother in Cairo to clarify some parts of the book. I must have left the bed at a certain point to eat or go the bathroom , but I can't remember.

I found it beautiful, very touching, but it has put me in a strange state of depression for days.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Ibn ad Dunya said...

Hi Maa´t (the best of names) Well, it´s a book that moves you like no other, with all different shades of emotions and depression is certainly one of them, but i felt very strongly with the main character of the book, Aisha, who creates her own path, true to her self and her values. The way that Ahdaf Soueif describes Cairo in that era is lovely.

12:08 PM  

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