Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dustour online akhiran!

One of the most important newspapers in Egypt has finally an online prescence! The editor in Chief, Ibrahim Eissa and his team has changed the way of making newspapers in Egypt ever since he launched al Doustor originally back in 1995 to 1998, when it was closed down, banned and then relaunched again in 2005.

Dustour, together with new papers like al Masry al Youm, al badeel and Nahdet Masr have taken Egyptian newspapers to a new level.

It´s an irony that the day after the launching of the site also was the first session of the appeal of the six months prison sentence against Ibrahim Eissa, but then again this is just the normal workday for many brave eitors in Egypt, perhaps best summed up by Wael Ibrashy, whom is involved in another case of a one year prison sentence with Ibrahim Eissa and two others, awaiting the appeal ithat has been postponed until June 7th, when he announced that he was leaving Sawt al Umma, earlier this month, he said on a talk show that his work is divided between visiting courts, meeting his laywers and trying to make a newspaper.

I wish to congratulate Ibrahim Eissa and his team on the the much awaited website, and wish him the best of luck with the current case, and the other approximately 35 court cases that ad Dustour is facing. Alf Mabrouk!

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