Thursday, June 19, 2008

FIDH annual Report on Human Rights 2007

The International Federation for Human Rights isssued their annual report on the state of Human Rights around the globe today.

The three pages on Egypt highlights the constitutional amendments, the neverending emergency law and the coming anti-terrorism law. It points out the cases of Ibrahim Eissa and Abd al Kareem Amer to illustrate the situation of journalists and bloggers. Restrictions on NGO´s examplified in the closure by the authorities of NGO´s dealing with human and workers rights like the Assosiation of Human Rights and Legal Aid(AHRLA) and te Centre for Traqde Union and Workers Services(CTUWS)is another important topic in the report.Outside the timeframe of this report, The case of the government against CTUWS has been ruled as without merit by the Administrative Court in Giza on March 30th 2008, and the court has stated that there is nothing legally stopping the CTWS from being handed their NGO-status. The authorites has yet to comply as to my knowledge.

The whole section of the report, dealing with North Africa and the Middle East can be found here(26 pages PDF, Egypt on pages 9-11)

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