Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Muslim Brotherhood Military trial verdict postponed once again

The verdict of the 40 Muslim Brotherhood members facing military trial has been postponed yet again. The next session is set for April 15th.

The 40 members of the MB who stand trial, among them the businessman Khairat al Shater , third in rank in the organization was originally tried for terrorism and money laundry, charges that is said to have been withdrawn, and which could have given up to 15 years imprisonment. The two charges that the prosecution are still pursuing is the normal charge these days, belonging to a banned group,meaning they could face up to a five years prison sentence. The Muslim Brotherhood is banned as an organization since 1954. The other charge was specifically aimed at Khairat al Shater and fellow businessman Hassan Malak for leading companies on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Today´s postponement is not the first, on the 26th of February the verdict was supposed to be handled down, but the military judge chose to wait instead. The trial itself is fast approaching it´s first anniversary, it began in late April last year.

Khairat al Shater´s ordeal started in mid-December when he and 16 others were taken from their homes in a pre-dawnn arrest in what has become the familiar routine to so many Ikhwan members and their families lately. Although having been ordered released on January 29th by a Cairo Criminal Court in lack of evidence, the 17 were rearrested on the spot. A week later President Mubarak ordered the the 17 plus an additional 23 alleged members to be tried by the Huckstep Military trial. Of the 40 seven were to be tried In what was a unprecedented court verdict, a Cairo administrative court called the President´s order invalid, but the Government appealed and the verdict was overruled yet again by the Cairo Supreme Court.

This is the first time a Muslim Brotherhood case has been tried in a military court since 2001. Human Rights organizations, local and international alike has voiced critique against trying civilians in military courts, as well as not providing enough guarantees for a fair trial. Observers has been locked out from court proceedings from day one.

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Great minds think alike ya Ibn ad Dunya! I just put the same news up on my Islamic blog:

I took the story from Ikhwanweb. And I need a question answered plz--could u read that post on my blog and help me understand something plz?

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