Friday, April 13, 2007

Torture, mobile phones and videotape

Here is the link to the first part of the documentary on torture(Arabic) that got al Jazeera journalist Houwaida Taha into trouble.

In ¨Behind the sun¨, the case of Imad al Kabir is among those discussed. The interesting thing about this particular documentary is that it´s focus is on the everyday man on the street, it might have been you or me if we were unlucky. And it shows as stated on this blog before that a culture of torture exists and that it is used routinely, probably every single day and in all sorts of cases.

Nasser Amin(Imad al Kabir´s lawyer), fellow laywer Ahmed Seif al Islam,Gamal Eid and Abelhalim Qandil are all participating. on the hole a very good documentary, i´m looking forward to the second part!

Thanks to Ensaa for providing this youtube material.


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