Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Holiday season over for this time

So the religious holiday season is over for this time. After almost two weeks with Moulid al Nabi(The Prophet´s birthday), Jewish passover, Christian easter and the ancient tradition spring festival of Sham an Nessim it´s back to business as usual here at Fustat.

In this time of peace and reflection i would like to extend my late congratulations to Muslims, Jews, and Christians(yes all Christians, Copts, other orthodox, Catholics and Protestants celebrated together this year) alike among my readers. Hope you all enjoyed the holidays with family and loved ones, with plenty of food, and had a wonderful day outside yesterday eating the fesikh.

Since this was one of the reasons given to speed up the process on the referendum of the major change of the 34 constitutional amendments, so that the people of Egypt, Muslims and Christians alike wouldn´t have their religious rights infringed by their democratic duties.... I extend my congratulations to the government who shows such great respect for religion. Any other government would have postponed the referendum for a week, but that would clearly have spoiled the joy of the holidays for the citizens of Egypt. One should never mix politics with religion was the clear message..


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