Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Judges Club report and Ikhwan helps UNFC

The Judges club issued a critical report on the presidential elections in September, the day before elections to parliament is due to begin. The report was critical of the results, the percentage of the turnout, 23 % and some irregularities, as the busing of voters to the polling stations.

On another election related issue, the Muslim Brotherhood announced , that they are going to pull back 23 or 24 of their 150 candidates, in a coordinated effort together with the United national forces for change, an alliance made up of the wafd party, tagamáu, the arab Nassserists, al Wasat, Karama and Kefayya among others. The MB are going to encourage their voters to vote for the UNFC candidates in constituencies without a MB prescence. This dosen´t seem to apply in the first round of three starting today though, judging from their website, announcing 51 Ikhwan candidates runing for office today.


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