Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Amnesty urges all parties to put Human Rights in the center of election campaign

Amnesty International issued a statement yesterday, so far the issue of human Rights has been a prominent issue in politics 2005, in the massarrests of the Muslim Brotherhood, the protests against torture by Kefaya, the beatings and ... by NDP thugs on the 25 of May, and in July, Issam al Arian has just come out of prison after more than five months. And we witnessed the Iftar , at the ministry of justice last week , by the families of the forgotten prisoners, the 10 000 militant islamists sitting there , some of them without trial. So indeed the human rights issue has been prominent so far in politics this year, and it´s likely to stay that way, regardless of the NDP candidates mentioning it or not. Just as likely as the fact that the emergency law has been in place almost continuously in different shapes from al Naqsa 1967, and is likely to stay that way, past the February house session in some shape or form.


Blogger Dave said...

An Australian, Van Tuong Nguyen, will be executed for drug trafficking unless more attention is drawn to his plight. I believe that together we may save the life of this man.

To this end, I have written an open letter to the President of the Republic of Singapore asking for clemency. The open letter, which includes a dozen related e-mail addresses, is online:

Letter to Singapore's President

It is my hope that the interactivity of the Web can save a young man's life. Please read the above site and if you agree that a human should not die for being caught with drugs, then I beg you to send an e-mail asking the President of Singapore for clemency on behalf of Van.

Dave Jarvis

9:55 PM  

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