Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Release of leaders and members of Jihad and al Gamáa al Islamiyya

The Egyptian authorities has released four leaders and 150 members of the two militant groups Jihad , and al Gamáa al Islamiyya. All the released has renounced violence. Among the four leaders are Foud al Doulaby(Amir of al Minya) and Nageh Ibrahim(Amir of Asyut), both ¨historic leaders¨ of the Jihad, and part of the team, killing the late Ptresident Anwar Sadat on Oct 6 1981. Nageh Ibrahim has been one of the leaders behind the unilateral ceasefire of the Gamáa al Islamiyya, after the Luxor masacare in 1997.
Among the other leaders , Safwat abd al Ghani, a onetime leader of the Gamáa al Islamiyya, and convicted for the murder on speaker of Parliament, Refaát Mahgoub.


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