Monday, November 14, 2011

Yosri Fouda's comeback on Akher kalam

Yosri Fouda made his first show in 3 weeks on his regular show Akher kalam yesterday evening. The guests are the same that was supposed to be on the last show that was taken of screen hours before it was supposed to be aired live on ONTV, the show was going to be about the interview with two SCAF members on the Maspero massacare among other things, that interview was an in depth show co-aired by Dream 2 and al Tahrir hosted by Mona al Shazly and Ibrahim Eissa.

The original Akher Kalam show was to have two guests, Ibrahim Eissa and Alaa al Aswany, do to pressure the show was canceled , and Yosri Fouda took a stand on media freedom , promise not to return to the show before things got better. Anything but the same guests on this comeback show would have been unthinkable. and that's exactly what happened.

A very warm welcome back to Yosri Fouda! Enjoy the show!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Bokra feels like an atempt of doing another al helm al 3arabi , with mainstream artists like Kazem al Saher, Saber al Rabeieh and Tamer Hosny , but also more artists with an activist perspective like Rim Banna and Souad Massi.

2011 has seen a new genre emerge , revolution songs , this is not one of them, but it still tries to capitalize on that trend , but in the end one could hope that tommorow will bring a much better future. The voice and the mindset of the people throughout the Arab World has , and will change even further. That is the great gain of 2011 , the year of the Arab Revolutions.

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The Maspero Massacre - What Really Happend

Over a month has passed since that Sunday, and i still can't look at the pictures from the Coptic Hospital or see the scenes with the APG's running over people without getting the exact same feeling of anger, disbelief, and hate.

The aftermath has not helped in curbing that feeling, on the contrary. The way it's been handled is nothing but a disgrace and it will change the way ordinary Egyptians look upon the 20 men that leads the country at this point in time. History will judge them harshly and the events at Maspero will be just as vividly known and remembered as Dinshaway is 105 years after the incident.

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