Saturday, January 24, 2009

Longish feature article on April 6th youth

Samantha Shapiro has penned a longish feature article in the New York Times Magazine on April 6th youth, called ¨Revolution, facebook-style¨. I´ve only managed to skim through it very quickly this morning. You can find it here. I might comment on it later on today, when i have read through it.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Bye bye ya Bush bush , you will be sorely missed only by the comedians, shoemakers, Musharaf and actually myself, if only due to the fact that both Baby Bush and Condi, with whom i´ve had a love-hate relationship with from day one have triggered some of my best writing, a lot of it being on the topic of democracy promotion, were the ever so often symbolic and lofty language, that sounds so fine and dandy have crashed with the permanent innability to practise what they teach in real action on the ground.

But i can´t deny that i will sleep better at night, knowing that W have let go of the nuclear codes.

The photo, courtesy of A.P.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cairo artists for Gaza

Starting today (Thursday Jan 22nd,and continuing to Saturday Jan 24th) , some of Cairo´s brightest artists and musicians show their solidarity with the People of Gaza, in an art exhibition with 50 artists, donating a piece each from their work to be sold on spot. This will take place at the Cairo Atelier on 2 Karim al Dawla St.(Talat Harb Sq).

The second part, is a three nights music and theater festival (Friday Jan 23th-Sunday Jan 25th) featuring among others two of my favourite groups , Ana Masry and Wust el Balad.This will be held at the Townhouse factory space on 10 Nabrawy St off Champollion St.

The benefits from the events will go to Gaza through the Egyptian Popular Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the Give Gaza Organization.

You can find more information on the events, venues and schedules here.

The people of Gaza has been constantly on my mind since December 27th, my mood is perhaps best described by the title of Um Kalthoum, s famous song al Atlal (The Ruins).

Words have failed me, when i´ve tried to put them down on a sheet of paper, though having tried on several occasions , during the last month. Having had no desire to blog on anything else, but Gaza, i kept my silence.

The posters seen above provided , courtesy of Salma Said

UPDATE: I would like to share a link to To Tom Glasspool´s photography blog,Snapshot of Life with some really great photos from the concert, but i would also like you to browse the blog for fantastic pictures of Cairo. Many Thanks Tom for sharing , and for telling me about your excellent blog!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Baheyya on Mubarak ´s stance over Gaza

Baheyya returns with her first real blogpost in over five months. The topic this time is on Mubarak´s stance on Gaza, with a piece called The Wages of Mubarak's "Realism". It´s Well worth your precious reading time, as always.

Maybe it´s about time for me to resurrect fustat as well?

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