Monday, May 25, 2009

Fares Barakat thrown from 4th floor when asking for search warrant

At 7 P.M on May 17th, SSI officer Nagi al Gammal and asssistent Gamal el Taye'e was conducting an arrest on Ahmed Ali Hussin Eid in his apartment in Damanhour, Beheira, while the family was celebrating a birthday party for their daughter, together with friends.

One of the friends present, Fares Barakat asked for the search warrant, when he was pushed towards the balcony by SSI officer Nagi al Gammal, when resisting the assistent Gamal el Taye´e held him , and the officer ordered el Tayeé to "To throw this man from the balcony".

Fares Barakat fell from the fourth floor,unconscious and with these injuries:

Fracture of the right leg, hip and shoulder, three pelvic fractures, fracture nose, facial injuries, fracture of three vertebrae, blood accumulation in the stomach and around the liver, post concussion syndrome and difficulty breathing to upward pressure of abdominal blood collections.

In the photos , Fares Barakat is handcuffed while at the intensive care unit, reminding us of photos of hospitalized kids, in the wake of Mahalla al Kubra. He´s being treated like a criminal , while his requests for an investigation has been rejected by the Attorney General in Beheira. Unfortunately this is not the first time something like this occurs.

Sorry for the sloppy writing, but at times, the story is much more important , than the language.

In other news, blogger Diaá eddin Gad has been harassed by the State Security phoning him on numerous occasions , asking him to come see them, ¨for his own good¨

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