Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wael Abbas and his mother attacked in their home

Wael Abbas and his mother was just attacked in their home by a police major and his brother. The brother is a neighbour of Wael´s, and there seems to be a conflict between the two neighbour´s that´s behind this. the police officer broke into Wael´s home , and the blogger recieved minor teeth and head injuries.Wael´s mother is ok, and Wael went to the police station to file a complaint over what happend.


This is his own words and photos about yesterday´s events(arabic)and in english here

Update II:

Wael Abbas Court hearing

In a twist that feels Kafkesque, Wael Abbas is currently undergoing a court hearing were the two gentlemen that broke into his home and attacked Wael is accusing Wael for assaulting one of them, while the police officer claims not to have been there in the first place. They are demanding 10 000 E.P in compensation from Wael. In any other place this would be looked upon as bizare, but we all remember what happend to Imad al Kabir, who had to go to prison for three months for ¨resisting authorities and assaulting a police officer¨ A trade off was suggested by two senior police officers in conjunction with the arrest of Imad´s brother in November 2006, were the charges being raised against him might be dropped, if he in return dropped his complaint of being tortured at the Bulaq al Daqrour police station.

Imad al Kebir´s torturer released:

The stories of Wael Abbas and Imad al Kebir has been linked ever since Wael being one of those who published the video of Imad being tortured in the most brutal way. The very same day that Wael was being assaulted in his own home by a police officer(Wael´s version), we were also reminded by a Amnesty International press release of how police officers are treated with silk gloves by authorities, and apperantly also by the police force itself, though being convicted of torture, in this case, torturer in chief, Islam Nabih, whom not only being let out of prison a year early(for good behaviour), but according to news stories might be reinstated as a police officer in Asyut.

Police officers work description is to serve the people and implement law and order, they should not be above the law, and any officer convicted should be sacked and never again being allowed to work in any institutions of the state, instead impunity is the rule, and convictions of police officers comitting crimes is an exception to the same rule.

The sorry state that we are currently living under, reminds me of one of the famous qoutes of Shakespeare from Hamlet ¨there´s something rotten in the state of Denmark¨ only this is not Denmark(though i have arguments with the state of Denmark 2009 as well), this is unfortunately the state of Egypt today, once the craddle of civilization, Um ad Dunya, now and it pains my heart that mother Egypt has to endure these times. In a week´s time, we will celebrate Sham al Nessim, unfortunately the smell of something rotten will stay much longer than the feast of spring breeze, the smell of fesikh will leave us, but the rotten smell will linger on.

You can follow the developing story on twitter@Wael Abbas. UPDATE: To follow some of the traffic on twitter about this story, this might be a good place to start.

Today´s events had a happy ending, the two men accused of breaking in to Wael´s home was released on bail , while Wael seems to be free and not suspected of anything at the moment. The latest twitter uppdate read:

i'm free now and safe for the moment

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Blogger Will Webbyte said...

It is a shame that rogue police officers the world over seem oblivious to the fact that their welfare may very well depend on the trust, admiration, good-will and respect of the general populace.

It is not always evident, when people have had enough and are driven to desperation. Desperate people sometimes do things they otherwise do not do. This kind of feeling, desperation, can make a populace uncontrollable.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Will Webbyte said...

When people fear their own police officers then do things descend into chaos? History says yes. Historically this seems to be the case.

Remember the French, American, Russian revolutions? Remember the Boxer rebellion?

The root of these problems is the lost of faith in the government and seeing the police as no more than thugs.

9:41 PM  

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