Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tamer Mabrouk arrested, trial postponed until Oct 13th

According to the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information(AHNRI), Tamer Mabrouk was arrested on the 17th of July by police in Port Said. Mabrouk is currently involved in a libel lawsuit by the Trust company in Port Said, a company that he has dealt with extensively in his blog, al Haqeqa and done some really good investigative citizen journalism on workers rights and environmental impacts and responsebilities of the factory on the water nearby, and how it effects the fish in the lake.

UPDATE: 22 July : The trial has been postponed to October 13th in order to provide documentation substantiating Tamer Mabrouk´s ownership of the blog Haqeqa Masriyya at the request of the lawyers of Trust Chemicals, something Tamer Mabrouk has already claimed ownership of. This is seen by Mabrouk´s defense team as a way of prolonging delaying the trial.

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Blogger Unknown said...

His blog covering Trust

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Thanks a lot ya Mohamed Basha! Didn´t mean to be sloppy, but at five in the morning i hope i´m forgiven!

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You are welcome man :)

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