Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy birthday Mr President

Part I

As promised, here is the al Jazeera english documentary, a nation in waiting (two parts)on President Husni Mubarak´s time in office from October 1981 onwards. He´s currently on his fifth six year mandate, that ends in September 2011. The fourth President of the Egyptian republic, the other ones have left office with their boots on like General Custer(Nasser and Sadat), or been dethroned and put in house arrest(Naguib).

Part II

Just to let you know, whom inspired the Shaábi celebrations of the President this year, this is a birthday card from 2006.Well it wasn´t really me who came up with the idea. presidential birthday wishes, pre and post election praise e.t.c is a favourite national past time, excelled by the national press since the nationalization of the press in 1960. Today was a field day, were they could display their skills. There was one mysterious exception to that rule. One of my favourite newspapers of all times, the english Egyptian Gazette, they didn´t carry the story at all, either they have jumped fence, or they just abide strictly to the will of the information ministry policy.

Part III

I wish the President a happy birthday and a long life after finishing his current term in office 2011, to retire to beautiful and Charming Sharm.

UPDATE: Appearently the President opted to celebrate in Madinat al Sadat(Sadat City) instead, the city was among the first of the satelite cities that was created in the mid seventies. A working birthday it seems.

Part IV

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