Friday, April 04, 2008

I have a dream

Today it´s 40 years since Martin Luther King was shot dead in Memphis Tenessee. In my view he was the most important person in America after World War II. In hounor of him HAMSA has reproduced a popular comic from the fifties that describes the beginning of the Civil Rights movement in Montgomery, Alabama(available to download in Arabic and English) were Rosa Parks pioneered when on December 1st 1955, she refused to stand up on the buss when a white man wanted to sit. She was arrested and a buss boycott by the black community was organized and continued for 385 days.Martin Luther King was one of the leaders of this boycott and he was arrested, but ultimately the law segregating white and blacks on Montgomery busses was abolished.

His now legendary speech as a culmination of the March on Washington - I have a dream in 1963 (shown above) rendered him the Nobel Peace prize in 1964, as the youngest ever.

He was ahead of his time and was against the Vietnam war as early as 1967. The paralels between the turbulent and divided America of the sixties and America today is also something to think of, one can only speculate on what stand Dr King would have taken on Iraq if he would have lived. He achieved so much more in only 13 years than almost any american during his century, the only other historic figure in America that i can come to think of is Franklin D Roosevelt. His memory will live on as a reminder to all those who have a dream.

Here is an article and some photos.

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